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6 pcs of chocolate dipped strawberries,  Love you helium balloon , 'No Way Shou B7ebbak' greeting card, a teddy bear and a single red rose. A sweet love combination just for Him!


6 pcs of chocolate dipped strawberries, Love you helium balloon and 'No Way Shou B7ebik' greeting card.


6 pcs of chocolate dipped strawberries, Love you helium balloon and 'I Love You Ya 7elou' greeting card.


Mouth-watering 12 pcs of chocolate dipped strawberries. Berries can buy you love!!


A mini basket flled with mini chocolates


8 Pcs Godiva chocolate in a box


Exotic Fruit and Chocolate Basket contains: 2 kiwis, 1 Mango, 1 Pineapple, 2 golden green apples, 2 Red Apples, 6 bananas, grapes, dates, 14 bars of chocolate. All assorted in a basket. If a kind is not available will be replaced with other seasonal fruit of same value.


Special Chocolate Basket for chocolate lovers. Contains approximately 25 bars of chocolate.


A basket just for kinder lovers, contains: - 3 Kinder Bueno- 6 Kinder Eggs- 2 kinder delices- 2 kinder country- 2 kinder fingers- 1 big kinder fingers


Big exotic fruit basket. Finest selection of exotic fruits with Lindt Excellance chocolates.


Small Chocolate Basket: contains an assortment of small chocolate bars.


This gift basket is the perfect gift for any Lindt lover out there. Overflowing with chocolaty goodness and presented in a traditional wicker basket with a gold bow, it is guaranteed to impress. 1 Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection (145g), 1  Lindt Orange (100g),  1 Lindt Dark (100g),  1 Lindt Strawberry (100g),  1 Lindt Crunchy Caramel (100g),  1 Lindt Lindor...

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